Being International is a Mindset


Hey Guys,

just a quick catch up on my last experiences. I’m currently becoming more and more open to the idea of being international and traveling the world, while meeting new, interesting and inspiring people. But where to start?

I’ve discovered for myself, that being international is more of a mindset. It’s mindset first and action second. The action is based on this mindset and rises from it’s different perspective on life.

When I’m walking through Berlin, I’m seeing interesting people everywhere. But my mindset influences my behaviour, my first thoughts and all the following though- and action-based reactions.

I can walk up to a stranger and say ‘hello’.

Can’t I? Sure I can. But I wasn’t open to this possibility all the time. It depends on through which perspective I’m currently observing reality. When I’ve established my international mindset, my first reactions are very different than normal. I see the posibilities to connect with new people everywhere. Now I can react consciously and introduce myself to them.

Mindset first, but taking action ist a must.

It’s quite nice to work on your own perspective and change your perception of reality, isn’t it? I love to tweak my mindset, change my perspectives and uncover and dissolve my limiting beliefs.

But with no action following, all this effort is nonproductive and won’t lead to new experiences. I still need to take brave action and leave my comfort zone. Without action conscious change will never happen and my life will stay pretty much the same it was yesterday.

I take brave action to change my reality.

Yesterday I saw two pretty girls sitting on the street near my house. Just five minutes ago I was pondering, that I really want to connect to new people. It was Friday night, everyone was going out and the city was full of party people, while I felt pretty alone.

I was passing them three times and after the third time I said to myself: “Ah, fuck it”, turned around and said: “Hey girls!” After this I couldn’t go back. 20 minutes later we sit on the street, sipping some whine and talking about life.

Did I manifest this girls?

From the perspective of the Law of Attraction you can consider, that I’ve manifested those girls sitting there and waiting for me to talk to them. But most of the LoA Community wouldn’t act and start a conversation. There is this misperception in the community, that you need to attract and manifest the exact situation you want to experience by changing your thoughts / vibrations.

Maybe I’ve set an unconcious intention to meet new people when I’ve felt the desire to. But no stranger approached me first. It was me who needed to approach them.

Most of the LoA peeps would pass those girls, go home and meditate to attract some social situation. But that’s not how life works. Life brings you possibilities all of the time, but you are the one who needs to take the bold action first.

Being International is perceiving possibilities and consciously deciding to act upon them.

I’ve learned, that I can’t attract social situations without action. But I can change my perception and watch for invitations from life to interact with strangers. But in the end it depends upon my courage to approach new people all by myself. No magical fairy will manifest and talk to me. No group of party people will approach me by themselves.

You need to start and become social, talk to strangers and act upon your new mindset and vibration. Or in the words of Ghandi: “Be the change, you want to see in the world.”

Discover Your Internationality.


My current path of growth leads me to the acknowledge my potentiality to travel more and speak with more people from different cultures. The perception of their unique belief systems and opinions always lead me to a greater reflection of my own perspectives on life and the different topics in general.

I can’t grasp what’s currently happening. I’m experiencing a great positive reflection of my own abilities to communicate with other people, because of my skills to speak 3 languages (German, Polish, English) fluently, but also thanks to being open-minded, tolerant, eager to listen and my curiosity to learn and understand more about other people’s perceptions of life.

This Blog just started because of an inner force, driving me to act upon my affection to become more international. It’s great to be back. :)